Welcome to The Bass Federation or “TBF” as we are commonly known. We are the largest and oldest, broad-based, independent, grassroots organization in fishing, and truly is the backbone of the entire sport. The success of the Federation in improving and furthering the sport of fishing has been monumental and continues to be felt worldwide. TBF is a proud and honored member of the fresh water fishing hall of fame. While our members’ accomplishments are far too numerous to list, many of them boil down to two key areas: youth and conservation. In the youth area, we have focused our efforts on the sport’s number one priority: get young people fishing. That includes just getting a fishing rod in their hands, as well as getting families outdoors. These efforts are key when it comes to facilitating the recruitment of young anglers and introducing them to the values and ethics of fishing and the outdoors. It is a widely known fact among sportsmen and women that outdoors enthusiasts have done far more to protect and enhance (to conserve) natural habitats (“the environment”) than environmental groups. Among that elite crowd, no group of people has done more than TBF Federation members. Our Federation member’s efforts in conservation have included everything from habitat projects, to fighting polluters, to working with fish and game departments, to weighing-in on local, state and federal legislation and much more. These efforts and accomplishments are unmatched in fishing. Many of today’s professional anglers have come up through the ranks of The Bass Federation moving on to the elite level. Sharing information and showing others is one of the strongest assets in the fishing community. Several professional out there have great stories about being on the back deck of a boat and learning from some of the saltiest of characters. Should you have any questions about getting involved please do not hesitate to contact us here on the website, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Good fishing to all of you. Tight lines.